Over 15 years of experience building scalable high-performance applications, APIs, and backend systems and services. Led the architecture and development of high-transaction content management systems, publishing tools, and social networking platforms. Experienced thought leader with success leading engineering teams, and designing software and architectures which support evolving business needs. Committed to developing light-weight malleable software and skilled at leveraging Domain-Driven Design, separation of concerns, and inversion of control. These methodologies encourage the development of decoupled modular code which reflects the ubiquitous language of the subject domain, and agile iterative development allowing for quick pivots and easy integrations.

Light-weight Java, backend architecture and platform engineering, distributed services (SOA), JVM performance tuning and profiling, Domain-Driven Design (DDD), Java Persistence API (JPA), RESTful web services (REST), OAuth, MySQL, MongoDB, Neo4J, Solr, Spring Framework, Spring Data, Spring Security, Spring AMQP (RabbitMQ Work Queues and PubSub), Spring Remoting, Spring AOP, Spring MVC, Hibernate, Ehcache and cache replication, Tomcat 7, Jetty, Servlet Spec 3, JSP, JRuby/Java integration, JMX and MBeans, data structures and algorithms, concurrency, various client-side technologies and frameworks (HTML, CSS, JS, Bootstrap, JQuery), DevOps using Linux, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Chef, Jenkins, GIT, Maven, and Artifactory. Knowledge of Hadoop & HBase.